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St. Helena Parish School District

Revised Re-Opening Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year

Due to increased COVID-19 cases in Louisiana, and most importantly within St. Helena Parish, we will begin the school year with our eLearning platform. This means all students will work from home. While this may be inconvenient for a lot of families, we must consider the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff. 

Please note the following:

  • Our 2020-2021 School Year Calendar will remain the same and we will continue with our staggered schedule for the first week of school. This schedule is located on our District App and website at www.sthpk-12.net.  
  • If your student does not have a Chrome Book, please visit our Central Office Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm to get one. You must bring proof of identification with you.
  • The eLearning platform will be used until CDC, state, or local data supports a safe return for our students, faculty, and staff.   
  • If you have not completed the Consent Form to have meals delivered to your home, please do so as soon as possible. All forms can be emailed to foodservice@sthpk-12.net.

Thank you for understanding the importance of keeping everyone healthy and safe during this unprecedented time. We will continue to keep everyone updated as things progress.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at hawks@sthpk-12.net

Classes will begin promptly at 9:00am. All students will report to their eLearning classes on August 10, 2020.

eLearning Expectations

Please adhere to the following district-wide expectations. Each school will also have their own expectations that are more detailed than the ones listed below:

  1. Mics off, Cameras On – all microphones must be muted to prevent background noises from interfering with instruction. Cameras must be on so the teacher can see that students are present and participating in the lessons.
  2. Dress Appropriately  - while we do not expect students to wear their school uniforms during virtual classes, we do expect them to dress appropriately. Hair bonnets, hats, tank tops, and other sleeveless shirts are prohibited.
  3. Quiet Workspace – students should sit in a quiet space in their homes to avoid distractions.
  4. Remain in the Class – students are to remain logged into their classes until the end of the session. Attendance will be recorded by the teacher. Technology issues must be reported immediately to the teacher.
  5. Submit Assignments on Time – all assignments must be submitted before or on the due date assigned by the teacher. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade.
  6. Remain Attentive – all students must remain attentive during class, be respectful, and follow all classroom routines, procedures, and rules. Proper behavior and interaction online are necessary. All classes will be recorded. Use the "Raise hand" feature  in the chat room when you have a question or type your question in the Chat.
  7. Check your Emails – respond to any teacher email or question on assignments within 24 hours, Monday – Friday.

Daily Schedules