School is cancelled for Monday, May 8, 2023, due to an Educator Sick Out Day organized by St. Helena Parish School Board employees. A letter received today (Sunday, May 7th) from our employees states:

“We as educators and employees of St. Helena Parish School District strive to create an equitable school culture while increasing learner success, developing educator effectiveness, along with building public confidence. Despite the naysayers, we afford our learners many opportunities in this school district even with limited resources.

We are shocked. The failed tax measure would have provided literacy support for our young learners, enhance school safety, offer more dual enrollment opportunities, and support employee retention. It's hard to grasp why some parents, who depend on educators for everything, would deny their own children's success in the district in which they live.

We must stop hurting our children and start promoting education in our community. We would like to hear from everyone who didn't support the tax measure because the excuses we have heard so far just don't make sense. We plan to parade to Greensburg Market between 8:30am-9:00am, and then march to the Courthouse around 9:45am for a press conference. Everyone is welcome! We are interested in your thoughts.”

Due to the Educator Sick Out Day, we do not have enough substitutes to cover classes and ensure that all our learners will be safe during the school day. Moreover, we do not know if school will be cancelled on Tuesday, nor do we know if all the graduations (KN, 6th, and 12th) will take place next week.

District administrators will meet with employee representatives to discuss the matter. We will keep everyone posted. Until then, please make arrangements for your children.