Prior to 2012, the St. Helena Parish School Board operated with a millage of only 17.86 which generated approximately $990,484.53. The school facilities were in disrepair and the beginning teacher's salary was only $30,512.00. It had been over 20 years since a tax was passed for our schools and the Federal Court was threatening to impose a tax.

In 2012, the community supported the school district by passing a brand new tax. Because of your support, the beginning teacher's salary increased by $6,000.00, new facilities were built and existing buildings were renovated.

Since 2012, we have achieved major accomplishments. Some include earning District Accreditation, increasing our graduation rate, and closing access and opportunity gaps for our learners by expanding dual enrollment courses and upgrading technology. We applied for multiple grants to purchase much-needed items and eliminated our huge deficit.

Now, the St. Helena Parish School Board will have a crucial issue before us on Saturday, April 29th, with a new tax proposal on the election ballot parish-wide that will help us step into the future. This new proposal is essential to the overall long-term future of the children in the St. Helena Parish School District.