Louisiana Federal Credit Union Sponsors Financial Literacy Courses to Learners in St. Helena!

Learners in St. Helena Parish Schools now have access to FREE financial literacy courses through our partnership with Louisiana FCU. Real-life financial scenarios and just the right amount of humor, provided by Banzai Financial Literacy Courses engage users—captivating over 90,000 educators and even more learners while providing online financial education in a totally unique way. It improves how they understand money with a curriculum that aligns with our state standards

St. Helena College and Career Academy and St. Helena Arts and Technology Academy learners will participate in the program.  Jennifer Buras with LFCU said, "the program is really AWESOME and it meets the state criteria for financial literacy so that makes it easier for the teachers. We have recently sponsored 15 schools in our 5 parishes and we chose St. Helena."

We are all very fortunate to partner with Louisiana Federal Credit Union!