Poor Internet connection leaves rural students behind...but let’s do something about it!

Slow Internet connections or limited access from homes in rural areas can contribute to students falling behind academically, according to a new report from Michigan State University’s Quello Center. The educational setbacks can have significant impacts on academic success, college admissions and career opportunities. Students with no high-speed Internet access at home are also less likely to plan to attend a college or university. In addition, students who could only get Internet access at home on their cell phone struggled to utilize the resources available on the Internet, whether due to slow connectivity or caps on data use from local service providers.

The first step to improve internet access in St. Helena Parish, is to prove that it is needed in our area. Please take the INTERNET SPEED TEST using your laptop or computer while at your home using your home internet service and follow the directions on the screen.

Click HERE to start the test!

We need for everyone to participate in this Internet Speed Test so accurate information can be collected for our area.