Child Search

Public Service Announcement 

October is Child Search Awareness month in Louisiana. Child Search is a program in every school system to ensure that any eligible child receive Special Education Services. It’s the Law…Every child age 3-21, regardless of disability, is entitled to a free, appropriate public education. In addition, babies birth through age 2 who have problems may be evaluated free of charge and provided services if eligible. If you know of a child in St. Helena Parish who may have a disability such as vision impairment, hearing impairment, learning difficulties, a mental disability, or a child who is gifted or talented, contact: 

  • Exceptional Student Services at 225-222-4349. 
  • Leah Valdez – Chief of Innovation 
  • David Strauss - Child Search Coordinator
  • St. Helena Parish School Board Office, P. O. Box 540, Greensburg, LA 70441