Back in Session

eLearning Continues this Friday, August 28th

Hurricane Laura has finally dissipated. We send our prayers to the families in the western part of our state and hope for a speedy recovery from the damages caused by the storm. 

Moving forward, all students and teachers will return to the eLearning platform this Friday, August 28th. The teachers recorded their lessons and posted assignments on Microsoft Teams this week, as well. Please review those lessons and complete the assignments as soon as possible.

Also, St. Helena Parish School District has worked tirelessly to provide our students with the quality technology needed to fully access our online platform. We deployed over 950 Chrome Books and over 300 WIFI Hotspot devices during the summer. Our classrooms are equipped with the latest technology to facilitate eLearning and Blended instruction. Our teachers received professional development on how to use Microsoft Teams, and students participated in the Jumpstart 2020 program during the month of July to ease the transition to online learning. 

Nonetheless, we are still seeking creative ways to close the access gap for families. This is extremely difficult work given the landscape of the area and lack of reliable internet service providers.

If you have a WIFI Hotspot device that does not work in your area, please return it to the School Board Office next week so we can discontinue the paid service connection. In addition, if you are not using the district-provided Chrome Book, please return it as well so we can redistribute them to our new students. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. This is way of teaching and learning is new to all of us. Together, we can make it work!