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Dr. Joseph Named 2020 Superintendent of the Year

Dr. Joseph

During the LASE/LASS Fall Conference, Dr. Kelli Joseph was named the 2020 Superintendent of the Year. In 2011, Dr. Joseph set out to provide opportunities for students in underperforming schools, restore public support for a struggling school system and address staffing and organizational issues. She led an initiative that secured fiber optic internet service for the school district which in turn impacted the entire community.  A 1.5 million-dollar budget deficit was eliminated and a balanced budget obtained within three years.  She prepared and gained approval for tax renewals and new tax measures in 2011 and 2012 to increase pay and build new facilities. Through her efforts the district was able to obtain Unitary Status for the school system in 2018 thus ending one of the oldest desegregation cases in Louisiana. She was able to accomplish the building and renovating of facilities using taxes approved by voters and surplus general fund dollars.  Finally, she was able to increase the beginning salary for teachers by 27%. With hard work, a focus on student success and doing what was right for children the district was able to shift the school district in the right direction. Dr. Joseph will represent the state of Louisiana during the AASA National Conference in San Diego, CA.