February 13, 2024

Greetings Stakeholders,

St. Helena Parish School District strives to provide quality educational opportunities for our learners. One way to determine our level of success is through yearly LEAP2025 assessments. Prior to 2018, the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) defined success as “Basic and Above”. Now, our learners must score “Mastery or Advanced” on their tests to earn full credit. The chart below shows what LDOE uses to grade school performance.

Our kids have made steady progress over the years. However, our progress has been slow. Every effort is being made to make large gains this school year. Some things include daily interventions, focused instruction, ACT Bootcamps, supplemental work, and tutoring.

Please discuss the importance of passing the LEAP2025 with a score of 750, the lowest level of “Mastery”, with your child.

We also use Benchmark Assessments to track learner progress throughout the school year. We need for all of them to take their Benchmark Assessments seriously. To emphasize its importance, all learners will receive a letter grade for each Benchmark Assessment in their corresponding classes. When requested, supplemental work can be given to those who do not perform well.

Let's work together to achieve our goal to SOAR on the LEAP!


Click the links to access the practice exams for grades 3-8. 

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