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Use of Facilities by the Community

The St. Helena Parish School Board recognizes the interest and capital investment the community has in school buildings, ground, and other facilities, and believes that the same should be available for legitimate purposes, as long as such use shall not violate state or local statutes or ordinances applicable to such use.

The function of school facilities is to accommodate approved school programs for students and to assist in meeting the educational, cultural, civic, social, and recreational needs of the community.

The use of school facilities by the community is considered a secondary function and shall be scheduled at times that do not interfere with regular school activities and athletic events including play-off games. For this reason, school facilities will be available to the community for use only after 5:00 p.m. on school days when a school day does not follow. The principal will designate the date the facility is available. Political rallies, organizations that have for their purpose to advocate overthrow of the government or moneymaking affairs to benefit individuals or for personal use, shall be prohibited. The Superintendent reserves the right to cancel a previous commitment to rent or permit the use of the school facility if it becomes necessary to use it for school purposes.

The Board shall direct the Superintendent to maintain appropriate administrative regulations and procedures governing the use of school facilities, which shall include fees being charged and appropriate amounts of liability insurance coverage. The School Board cannot legally absorb any cost for use of its facilities by any non-school system group. This amounts to a donation of public funds, which is not legal.

General Rules for Facility Use

  1. One school employee must be present for the opening (unlocking), the use and closing (locking) of any facility used by a non-school system group.
  2. School system custodians will be used for clean-up after use by any non-school system group. Two school custodians will be approved for four hours of cleaning or one custodian for eight hours.
  3. The user will be allowed four hours for decorating. Only decorations that will not permanently damage the site will be allowed. All decorations and trash must be removed immediately following close of event.
  4. Audio/Video equipment use must be exclusive to Board employees.
  5. Take all reasonable means to enforce smoking regulations and to prevent drinking of alcoholic beverages in the buildings or on the grounds.
  6. School lunch personnel are to be used in the preparation of any food in a school lunch facility, and the school lunch worker will be in charge. If the dining area only is used, at least one school lunch employee must be present. Arrangements for the preparation of food or beverage items must be made at time of initial application for use of school facilities.
  7. After approval of all uses, the principal shall schedule the function and use of custodians.
  8. Under no circumstances shall any furniture or equipment be moved from one school to another except for school related activities.
  9. A school system cook must be present for the entire time of any approved use involving kitchen equipment. The cook may be approved up to for six hours. In the interest of safety, there shall be no exception to this provision. After approval of all uses involving kitchen equipment, the lunch department shall be notified of the particulars to make a determination of and schedule the use of cooks.
  10. Facility rentals will only be approved if all fees are paid at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event.
  11. Abuse by any group would prohibit that group from any further use of the facilities.
  12. No person except authorized school personnel will be allowed to have a key to any school building. (Applies to outside organizations.)
  13. No school facility shall be used for the purposes of having a wedding reception or similar social functions, wake, or funeral.
  14. No kitchen will be used during the summer without special permission from the Superintendent.
  15. School food service personnel only are to be used in the preparation of any food in a school food service facility, and the school food service manager will be in charge. The food service manager shall determine the number of employees to be used. If the dining area only is used, at least one (1) school food service employee must be present.
  16. If the dining area only is used for school related banquets, etc., the school principal may waive the requirement for a school food service employee being present.
  17. Due to summer cleaning schedules, facility use during the summer months will be restricted to June.
  18. The auditorium will not be rented for use during school hours.
  19. Ticket sales or attendance must be limited to the normal seating capacity of the auditorium.
  20. The auditorium will not be used as a regular meeting place by non-school organizations.
  21. School related organizations, such as PTO, shall not be considered outside agencies for the use of facilities and will not be required to pay for custodial help. If such food service employees are used, however, these organizations shall be required to pay for their services in all instances.
  22. No school facilities are to be used by any organization, profit or non-profit, to make money by the sale of tickets or other methods unless said profit generating activity is specifically approved by the Superintendent or unless the profit generating activity is for the benefit of the School System and with the approval of the principal.
  23. Except for the exceptions set forth above, no school facility should be used for a profit enterprise unless the School Board, at a regular or special meeting, has specifically approved the activity.

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