Superintendent's Office
Dr. Kelli Joseph

As we look forward to establishing this parish as one of the best in the state of Louisiana, our focus is on improving the performance of our students through rigorous professional development for our educators, and relevant instruction in the classroom. We understand that sustainable growth must be achieved. A relentless focus on the specific needs of our students will bring about this positive change as we look to achieve our bold goal of achieving a “Top 20” status within five years.

We’ve laid out a Blue Print to Excellence that has VITAL GOALS with BOLD PLAYS that will foster a solid educational foundation for our students, ensure sustainable success, and set attainable goals toward our vision. We look forward to the challenges ahead as we strive to achieve our vision. It is through these challenges that our dedication and commitment to the children of this parish will prevail. A new public school system will emerge that we all can be proud of and support.

District Initiatives