Learning Capacity Domain

The impact of teaching and learning is the primary expectation of every system and its institutions. The establishment of a learning culture built on high expectations for learning, along with quality programs and services, which include an analysis of results, are all key indicators of the system's impact on teaching and learning.

Standard 2.1 - Learners have Equitable Opportunities

Standard 2.2 - The Learning Culture Promotes Creativity

Standard 2.3 - Learning Culture Develops Learners' Attitudes

Standard 2.4 - System has a Formal Struture

Standard 2.5 - Curriculum Based on High Expectations

Standard 2.6 - Curriculum is Aligned to Standards

Standard 2.7 - Instruction is Monitored and Adjusted

Standard 2.8 - Programs and Services for Learners

Standard 2.9 - Identify and Address Specialized Needs of Learners

Standard 2.10 - Learner Progress is Reliably Assessed

Standard 2.11 - Use Formative and Summative Data

Standard 2.12 - Continuously Assess Programs