Leadership Capacity Domain

The capacity of leadership to ensure an institution's progress toward its stated objectives is an essential element of organizational effectiveness. An institution's leadership capacity includes the fidelity and commitment to its purpose and direction, the effectivness of governance and leadership to enable the institution to realize its stated objectives, the ability to engage and involve stakeholders in meaningful and productive ways, and the capacity to implement strategies that improve learner and educator performance.

Standard 1.1 - The system commits to a purpose statement that defines beliefs

District Vision

Standard 1.2 - Stakeholders collectively demonstrate actions to ensure achievement

This one-pager is a snap shot of the key initiatives that were implemented over the course of five years since our initial accreditation review. It has been shared with various stakeholders throughout the community and with our teachers/staff.

Standard 1.3 - Continuous Improvement Process

Standard 1.4 - Adherence to Policies

Link to various policies

Included in this link are the:

St. Helena Parish School Board Policy Manual

2016 Pupil Progression Plan

2017 Conduct Codebook

2017 School Uniform Policy

Union Contract

Online School Board Policy Manual


Standard 1.5 - Code of Ethics

By the end of November of each year, all employees are required to complete their annual ethics training and provide certificates to verify completion. This is mandated by the Louisiana Legislature.

Standard 1.6 - Supervision and Evaluation Processes

Standard 1.7 - Procedures to Ensure Organizational Effectiveness

Standard 1.8 - Engage Stakeholders to Support System's Purpose

District Facebook Page


Let's Talk

Let’s Talk! is a communication channel that facilitates an ongoing dialogue between St. Helena Parish School District leaders, parents, employees, students and community members. This is a place to start the conversation with your questions, comments, concerns, suggestions and, yes, complaints.


Standard 1.9 - Cultivate and Improve Leadership Effectiveness

Standard 1.10 - Collect and Analyze a Range of Feedback Data

Standard 1.11 - Quality Assurance Process