Access the various online platforms and documents provided for employees of St. Helena Parish School District.


AIM Pathways coursework is designed for educators who are committed to learning about the connection between reading research, theoretical models such as the Simple View of Reading and Scarborough’s Reading Rope, and best practices for language and literacy instruction in the classroom. HERE to access the landing page.


Click HERE to access the various tutorials for the RAVE Panic Button System.


All states require at least a bachelor's degree to teach. Louisiana requires a certification area of focus, education coursework, field experience, and student teaching. Click HERE to learn about the various programs that are offered.

Find Your Data

Click HERE to access the Louisiana Department of Education Library that houses data reports for various assessment results.

2022-2023 Pupil Progression Plan

Click HERE to review our promotion, grading, and assessment policies for this school year.

LEAP 2025

Click HERE to access LEAP2025 information including Achievement Level Descriptors and Assessment Guides. Click HERE to access the Test Taking Tips PowerPoint presentation

Benchmark Assessment Guidance Document

Click HERE to access information regarding our Quarterly Benchmark Assessments.