St. Helena Parish School District's Vision and Focus


Our District Vision is to create an equitable, productive school culture that increases learner success, develops educator effectiveness and builds public confidence.


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Our learners are the focus of our work in St. Helena. We strive to close the access and opportunity gaps that is an unfortunate reality in small, rural school communities by creating strong partnerships, creating equitable, student-focused learning environments, and providing active, engaging instruction in each classroom.

We provide a comprehensive professional development program for all employees throughout the district. These supports include district-wide PD, weekly Cluster and Data Meeting, online trainings, one-on-one supports, and Health and Wellness. In addition, our partnerships with various education agencies enhance our program and provide much-needed external supports.

Transparency is a top priority for everyone in our school district. We are fiscally responsible, follow all Board policies, and work to maintain professional, meaningful relationships with all our stakeholders.

2024-2025 District Theme


The systems, structures, processes, and outcomes in the St. Helena Parish School District are intricately connected and collectively contribute to the district’s vision. By continuously refining these elements, we can enhance our effectiveness, address challenges, and ultimately ensure that all learners have the opportunity to succeed academically and personally.


AASA Learning 2025 is a movement that calls for holistic redesign of the public school system by 2025. The initiative is grounded in the foundational work of the AASA Learning 2025 National Commission, comprised of thought leaders in education, business, community and philanthropy.


Click HERE to read our strategic plan to improve the academic performance of our students in St. Helena Parish. We are committed to: Learning, Engagement, and being Data-Driven, Increasing Capacity and Improving Effectiveness, Improving Infrastructure and Building Community


Cognia Performance Standards are at the heart of continuous improvement and accreditation. They define the characteristics of a good education institution and provide guidelines for efforts that will energetically and visibly grow learners, teachers, leaders, and organizations.

In St. Helena Parish, we work to include the voices of all our school community stakeholders. The various committees that are below are designed to engage everyone in the decision-making process. Please take a moment to read about each committee's purpose and scope of work. You can also keep track of their progress by clicking the Meeting Information tab.

Teacher Support Committee


Branding Committee

Branding Committee

C.A.R.E.S. Committee


Equitable Policy Committee