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    Atom Model Science Teacher

    Welcome to Biology for the 2019-2020 school year at St. Helena College and Career Academy. This webpage is designed to inform you of the expectations in Biology for the preparation of the Louisiana State Biology LEAP-2025 test. It is a means of keeping the learner and parent abreast of the activities taking place in the classroom in regards to class assignments, projects, and test for the school year. Included are NGSS standards and Units adopted by the state of Louisiana as a curriculum for study in order to meet the requirements for passing the Biology LEAP 2025 test.
    Josephine Dyson-Biology Instructor
    Contact Number- 225-222-4402 (Work)
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    Contact Number-346-704-4484
    Contact Hours- 8:00 pm - 6:00 pm
                                                            My educational philosophy is to "teach a child how to learn" so that he or she maybe a life-long learner that will able them to become productive citizen.  It is a desire to provide each student with a rigorous, and challenging course of study that develops critcal thinking, but yet a passion for learning science.  To the degree that will give them an understanding of scientific concept that they will experience in every-day life.
    Be a knowledge lifter in Biology