Welcome VL Scott, MA

    My teaching career started as a way to utilize the knowledge gained from undergraduate studies. Now, nineteen years later my job has turned into my calling. Since my first day as a seventh grade Life Science teacher, I have always aimed to bring innovative lessons through synchronous and asynchronous learning avenues. My first technology based lesson with the Lab-in-a-Bag Laptop program in Rapides Parish sparked a desire for integrating technology into my lessons. In 2015, HAZMAT issues closed our Science lab rooms forcing me to develop alternative lab experiences.  I created and redesigned 100% digital lab exercises for my AP Biology classes. Distance Learning was the focus of several Action Research plans designed for the Master’s of Arts in Teaching and Learning with a focus on K-12 Technology Integration at Nova Southeastern University. Distance Learning surfaced over one hundred years ago with correspondence courses providing options to the under-served areas. From correspondence to satellite courses, our state has moved to close the digital divide. With the ever changing landscape of education, we have an obligation to offer innovative options that cater to today’s educational reform. I absolutley love everything science,