• Welcome to 8th Grade 

    English and Languge Arts (ELA)

    Ms. Morgan


    You will need the following supplies for this class: 

    1. 2 Composition Notebooks 

    (1 labeled: Interactive Notebook / 1 labeled: Do Now)

    2. 1 Binder (2 inches)

    Your binder should have 5 tabs labeled: 

    1. Unit 1 (Flowers for Algernon)

    2. Handouts

    3. Notes

    4. Vocabulary

    5. Homework

    3. Highlighters

    4. Colored Pencils

    5. Post It Notes


    This course will cover 5 Units:


    Unit 1 : Flowers for Algernon - (1st Nine Weeks) - In this unit, students consider the nature of knowledge and the human desire to seek improvement. Through the various texts, students explore what we learn about ourselves through our interactions with and treatment of others. Even more, students compare various perspectives on this topic to form their own conclusion. This unit can connect to science. Throughout this unit, we will analyze plot and character development, write argumentative essays using claims from text, and compare facts and opinions from multiple sources.