• Greetings Precious 8th Grade,
    I do miss you all so much! If you need to contact me, you can call me at (985) 606-3227 between the hours of 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM. You can also email me using odysseware or directly at dmorgan@sthpk-12.net.
    -Ms. Morgan
    COVID-19 (coronavirus); (March 2020) 


    Dear St. Helena Community,


    As the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) grows in the Louisiana area, St. Helena remains committed to providing all families, staff and students with timely and accurate information, resources and updates about the coronavirus and how it affects our community and school operations. 

    Our schools have closed, however instruction for my course is available online using Odysseyware, IXL and Khan Academy.


    West Baton Rouge Museum Field Trip (December 2019)

    Our fieldtrip to West Baton Rouge Museum was a huge success! Each year, eighth graders accross Louisiana learn the impact of the Sugar industry as a part of their curriculum. We were fortunate enough to get a first hand experience of what we've been studying. 
    WBR Home
    Our visit to West Baton Rouge Museum was awesome! It was kind of cool testing the different types of sugar. We tried them all, but some weren't that great! The cabin tours were also pretty neat. We were able to get a really good understanding of what life was like, living on a plantation and farming sugar.
    Cabin tour






    Is there a way my child can complete assignments at home?


    I'm so glad that you asked! All ELA students have access to KHAN Academy online and IXL. They are assigned weekly task that can be completed at home. 


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    All students have their secure usernames and passwords. If you are in need of your child's username and/or password to access any of these sites, please send me an email to dmorgan@sthpk-12.net.

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