• 2015-2016                           WELCOME TO FIRST GRADE!!!!

                                                     I am looking forward to creating new learning experiences with your child this year. 

                                                                 FIRST GRADE ROCKS!!!!!!!! 

    ARC- (American Reading Company) Reading Books
    Letter sounds and Power words
    Nouns- What is a Noun? ( A person, place or thing) 
    Spelling Words your child need to know are on the weekly newsletter.
    Social Studies:  A Good Citizen
    Science: Light and Sound
    Math: Embedded Numbers, Addition and Subtraction -Number Bonds 1-10                          
                                ELA Skills:                                                                                                                                   Math Skills :
    • Beginning, middle and ending Sounds of letters;                                                                 Zearn Math-(Zearn.org) Addition and Sudtraction  
    • Main idea,Setting, characters and plot.                                                                                Word problems: Adding and Subtracting , number bond     
    • Sequencing, Setting, Blending CVC ( consonant vowel consonant)   words                                                                                                                                                                        
    •  Key details, Retelling, Author, Illustrator, Setting, Plot, Problem and Solution
    • Things your child need to do every night but Friday for homework:
    • MONDAY-write spelling/sight words eight times at night for homework for spelling test on Friday.
    • TUESDAY-use spelling words in a sentence
    • WEDNESDAY- ABC order and write them eight times each
    • THURSDAY- take trial spelling test (wirte missed words from test 8 times each and used it in a sentence.
    • Practice letter sounds