• 2015-2016                           WELCOME TO FIRST GRADE!!!!

                                                     I am looking forward to creating new learning experiences with your child this year. 

                                                                 FIRST GRADE ROCKS!!!!!!!! 

    ARC- (American Reading Company) Reading Books:Unit 4: Plants. Students will research different types of plants.  Each student will research one type of plant and create a research paper. I will send out plant names and what is need for the research paper. Please let your child read a book about plants on ARC Core reading on clever.com.  Writing examples will be sented via text message or email and format.
    Monday: Readings- Follow the lesson plan on this webpage. 
    Friday: Students will revise, edit and publish their collection of writings.
    Zearn: Complete lessons on clever.com. Logins are in the envelope sented home on Friday. Students need four (4) lessons by Friday.
    Social Studies: Social Studies weekly on clever.com also, complete week 20. Please complete the test for week 19 on Studies weekly on clever.com. 
    Letter sounds and Power words: Parents continue to work with your child with with the 1G and 2G words.
    Spelling Words: (No Spelling words)
    Social Studies: Next 6 weeks:  Government and Citizenship
    Science: No Science
    Math: Mission 4: Place Value
                                                              KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!
                                ELA Skills:                                                                                                                                   Math Skills :
    • Beginning, middle and ending Sounds of letters;                                                     Zearn Math-(Zearn.org) Mission 4: Place Value, Shapes
    • Know 1G, 2G, 1B Words                                                                                       Students need 4 lesson completed by Friday of each week
    •  Blending CVC ( consonant vowel consonant) words.                                                                                                                                                                        
    •  Key details, Retelling, Author, Illustrator, Setting, Plot, Problem and Solution
    • Things your child need to do every night but Friday for homework:
    • MONDAY-Write alphabets and numbers from 1-150 by 1's, 2's, 5's 10's.
    • TUESDAY- make sentences using 1G, 2G.
    • WEDNESDAY- Put first row of 1g words in ABC order. 
    • THURSDAY- Correct your writing. Make it BEAUTUFUL!!!!!
    • FRIDAY-Turn all work in via text or email.   
    • Practice letter sounds 
    • Login to clever.com to read books in ARC Core bookshelf and other activities, complete Social Studies activities (Week 19), and Zearn.