Dear Parent,

     My name is Prience Robert , I will be the Special Education Teacher for your student this year.  As a special Education Teacher, I will provide support and assistance to your child so that he/she can have a positive and successful learning experience.  I work with the classroom teachers to help students understand lessons taught in the classroom, encourage completion of assignments, help study for tests, and provide accommodations to aid in the learning process.


    As your child’s special education teacher, I will be working hard to help him/her make significant academic progress in a safe, structured, and positive environment. I will maintain regular communication with your child’s general education teacher and I will keep you informed with regards to your child’s progress.

    I strongly believe that parents and teachers must work as a team to ensure that the children get the most they can out of each school year.

    You can help by:

    ♦ creating a daily 15-30 minute silent reading time with a book of his/her choice that is not difficult to read.

    ♦ taking your child to the public library often.

    Please feel free to contact me at anytime with comments or questions.  I can be reached by e-mail at proberts@sthpk-12.net or by telephone; the school phone number is 225-222-4364


    Prience robert

    Special Education Teacher -6th Grade