Superintendent's Message

  •  We are Focused on What Matters

     Kelli Joseph

    When you face the greatest pressure, remember that you are close to your victory. Press against the pain of being uncomfortable. Press against the feelings that are telling you to settle. Press against the weariness and get your fire back. 

     We are striving for excellence every day in our classrooms. All of our initiatives in St. Helena are designed to give our children the opportunity to experience success in the classroom through focused instruction. I’m very excited about the changes taking place within our district. Our school leadership teams are guiding their faculty and staff toward higher expectations centered among common core beliefs. We are building PROGRAM COHERENCE and CAPACITY. 

    • Focus on rigorous instruction – our learning goals of the lesson support the grade-level standards.
    • Focus on Zearn/Eureka Math curriculum – Our teachers understand the shifts in the curriculum. They also understand that when students can compute multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems in a variety of ways, complete written records of their work, explain their thinking, and discuss merits of one strategy over another, they are developing as independent learners.
    • Focus on Assessment Index – Our students are aware of their assessment results. Our teachers are aware of their core subject assessment index and they understand the difference between mastery and proficiency.
    • Focus on Equity - A newly formed Equity Design Team for St. Helena Parish School District has been created to work collectively to explore structural, institutional and individual root causes to address systemic inequities. Our task will be to identify an Equity Challenge in our school district and find solutions to the problem. An equity challenge is an issue that raises questions that if clarified or addressed could lead to progress toward more access, inclusion, opportunity, and just outcomes for our students.
    Schools that achieve agreement around expectations for classroom instructional practices and systematically influence teacher-to-teacher coherence with regard to these practices can alter the general conditions for learning in ways that are conducive to student learning success. In other words, when teachers share knowledge about teaching excellence and agree to act together, good things happen for students in classrooms. 

    We're expecting GREAT things this school year and look forward to working with everyone to help our children succeed.

    Thank you,

    Kelli Joseph, Ed.D.