Leadership Capacity Domain

  • The capacity of leadership to ensure an institution's progress toward its stated objectives is an essential element of organizational effectiveness. An institution's leadership capacity includes the fidelity and commitment to its purpose and direction, the effectivness of governance and leadership to enable the institution to realize its stated objectives, the ability to engage and involve stakeholders in meaningful and productive ways, and the capacity to implement strategies that improve learner and educator performance.

Standard 1.1 - The system commits to a purpose statement that defines beliefs

Standard 1.2 - Stakeholders collectively demonstrate actions to ensure achievement

Standard 1.3 - Continuous Improvement Process

Standard 1.4 - Adherence to Policies

Standard 1.5 - Code of Ethics

Standard 1.6 - Supervision and Evaluation Processes

Standard 1.7 - Procedures to Ensure Organizational Effectiveness

Standard 1.11 - Quality Assurance Process