Welcome to the 2014 Summer Institute Webpage. The documents you will need for the institute is right at your fingertips. Please contact Dr. Brandy Vaughn ( or Sonia Fields-Gutierrez ( if you need additional support.  
Link to various forms for the 2014 Summer Institute

Institute Documents
  • Keynote Address - Larry Bell
               - About Larry Bell
               - Handout
  • Preparing for SLT Writing
               - SLT
               - SLT ELA Sample
                  - SLT Math Sample
  • An Introduction to Mindful Teaching
               - Power Point Presentation
               - Teaching Up Handbook 
  • Curriculum Mapping - documents will be available during session only
  • What and Why of Core 6 - document is available in your Summer Institute Binder
               - Reading for Meaning
               - Vocabulary Code 
               - Circle of Knowledge 
               - Inductive Learning 
                     - Overview
  • How to Create a Syllabus and Online Component for your Course
               - Sample Syllabus

  • Preparing for SLT Writing 
               - See documents from Monday
  • Mindful Teaching: Year 4 
               - Power Point Presentation

               - Mindful Teaching Thinking Progression
               - Helping Students with Learning Problems